SvnStatus Enumeration SharpSvn - Subversion for .Net

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Namespace: SharpSvn
Assembly: SharpSvn (in SharpSvn.dll) Version: 1.7999.5094.23759

public enum SvnStatus

  Member nameValueDescription
Zero0Zero value. Never used by Subversion
None1does not exist
NotVersioned2is not a versioned thing in this wc
Normal3exists, but uninteresting
Added4is scheduled for addition
Missing5under v.c., but is missing
Deleted6scheduled for deletion
Replaced7was deleted and then re-added
Modified8text or props have been modified
Merged9local mods received repos mods
Conflicted10local mods received conflicting repos mods
Ignored11is unversioned but configured to be ignored
Obstructed12an unversioned resource is in the way of the versioned resource
External13an unversioned path populated by an svn:externals property
Incomplete14a directory doesn't contain a complete entries list
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