SvnClientArgsWithCommit Class SharpSvn - Subversion for .Net
Base class of all SvnClient arguments which allow committing
Inheritance Hierarchy

Online System Object
  SharpSvn SvnClientArgs
    SharpSvn SvnClientArgsWithCommit
      SharpSvn SvnCommitArgs
      SharpSvn SvnCopyArgs
      SharpSvn SvnCreateDirectoryArgs
      SharpSvn SvnDeleteArgs
      SharpSvn SvnImportArgs
      SharpSvn SvnMoveArgs
      SharpSvn SvnSetPropertyArgs

Namespace: SharpSvn
Assembly: SharpSvn (in SharpSvn.dll) Version: 1.7999.5094.23759

public abstract class SvnClientArgsWithCommit : SvnClientArgs
Thread Safety

Static members of this type are safe for multi-threaded operations. Instance members of this type are not safe for multi-threaded operations.
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