SvnAccept Enumeration SharpSvn - Subversion for .Net

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Namespace: SharpSvn
Assembly: SharpSvn (in SharpSvn.dll) Version: 1.7999.5094.23759

public enum SvnAccept

  Member nameValueDescription
Postpone0Don't resolve the conflict now. Let subversion mark the path 'conflicted', so user can run 'svn resolved' later
Base1Choose the base file
TheirsFull2Choose the incoming file
MineFull3Choose the local file
Theirs4Choose their on all conflicts; further use auto-merged
Mine5Choose local version on all conflicts; further use auto-merged
Merged6Choose the 'merged file'. The result file of the automatic merging; possibly with local edits
Working6Alias for Merged
Unspecified7Value not determined yet
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