SvnBase Class SharpSvn - Subversion for .Net
Main class of Subversion api. This class is responsible for loading the unmanaged api
Inheritance Hierarchy

Online System Object
  OnlineSystem MarshalByRefObject
    SharpSvn.Implementation SvnBase
      SharpSvn.Delta SvnDeltaEditor
      SharpSvn.Delta SvnDeltaTarget
      SharpSvn.Diff SvnDiff TToken 
      SharpSvn.Implementation SvnFsOperationRetryOverride
      SharpSvn.Implementation SvnPdbClient
      SharpSvn.Implementation SvnStatusCacheBlocker
      SharpSvn.Security SvnAuthentication
      SharpSvn.Security SvnAuthenticationCacheItem
      SharpSvn SvnClientConfiguration
      SharpSvn SvnClientContext
      SharpSvn SvnExternalItem
      SharpSvn SvnLookOrigin
      SharpSvn SvnTarget
      SharpSvn SvnTools

Namespace: SharpSvn.Implementation
Assembly: SharpSvn (in SharpSvn.dll) Version: 1.7999.5094.23759

public class SvnBase : MarshalByRefObject
Thread Safety

Static members of this type are safe for multi-threaded operations. Instance members of this type are not safe for multi-threaded operations.
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