SvnDiffDisplay Enumeration SharpSvn - Subversion for .Net

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Namespace: SharpSvn.Diff
Assembly: SharpSvn (in SharpSvn.dll) Version: 1.7999.5094.23759

public enum SvnDiffDisplay

  Member nameValueDescription
ModifiedLatest0Display modified and latest, with conflict markers
ResolvedModifiedLatest1Like svn_diff_conflict_display_modified_latest, but with an extra effort to identify common sequences between modified and latest.
ModifiedOridingalLatest2Display modified, original, and latest, with conflict markers.
Modified3Just display modified, with no markers.
Latest4Just display latest, with no markers.
OnlyConflicts5Like svn_diff_conflict_display_modified_original_latest, but *only* showing conflicts.
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